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    UMY agricultural lecturer team optimises cassava cultivation in collaboration with 25 cassava farmers

    As many as 25 cassava farmers who are members of the Muhammadiyah Agro Cooperative received training in optimizing cassava cultivation from a team of lecturers from the Faculty of Agriculture of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). In the training which was held on Saturday (12/3), the cassava farmers were educated about choosing good cassava seeds, grafting cassava, and knowing when to plant and harvest good times.

    This assistance and training program aims to increase and optimize the yield of cassava farmers. This activity is also a community service-based research chaired by Ir. Agung Astuti, M.Si along with two lecturers who are members of his team, namely Dr. Ir. Gatot Supangkat, MP, HDI. and Ir. Mulyono, MP. When met by a team of reporters from the UMY Public Relations Division, Agung stated that his team focused on cassava biofertilizer. “In truth, many FP UMY lecturers have researched cassava because FP UMY has a strategy to develop cassava. Some focus on post-harvest, cultivation, and in this case we focus on cassava biofertilizer itself,” said Agung.

    Agung also emphasized that most of these farmers do not know proper techniques to optimize crop yields. “Most of these farmers do not have the proper knowledge, and they plant without knowing the techniques and technology. Many complain that the cassava yields shrink after being processed. For example, when they managed to harvest 10 kg of cassava, but when you boil the cassava, that amount decreases. Here, we provide an understanding of technology and innovation so that harvest yields are optimal and can increase,” he explained.

    After these farmers were given assistance, they will apply the technology and innovations that have been taught, but remain in the assistance program. “After studying at UMY, they will practice directly on their own land, and we will review them one week after the practice. After the 6-7 month planting period or when it is ready to harvest, we will also review and Insha Allah we will also hold a harvest event,” said Agung.

    Not only that, Agung also said that a team from the Faculty of Agriculture would write a book on cassava cultivation. This book will discuss the results of research conducted by FP UMY lecturers who researched cassava. Furthermore, in the future, he will provide assistance to young farmers in the Kalasan area who are engaged in cassava farming.

    “In the future, we plan to provide assistance to young farmers in Kalasan. It turns out that in Kalasan there are many young farmers who cultivate cassava. They even have a lot of seeds but the are yet untouched by technology and innovation. As, we will also connect these farmers with the industry,” Agung continued.

    Dr. Ir. Gatot Supangkat, MP, HDI. who is a research member and head of the UMY Community Service Institute (LPM), stated in his speech that UMY is open to anyone who wants to share their knowledge. “UMY is open to anyone who wants to share their knowledge, especially to the public. This is a form of our knowledge contribution and dedication to the community so that our research and knowledge can be directly benefited,” said Gatot. (RM)

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