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    UMY deploys volunteers through MDMC and the Muhammadiyah SAR Team

    The eruption of Mount Semeru disaster struck in Lumajang and surrounding areas on Saturday (4/12) causing damage to casualties. To address this, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) responded quickly to the natural disaster of Mount Semeru through UMY volunteers consisting of members of the UKM MAPALA UMY, students, and lecturers involved under the auspices of the Central Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC) and the Muhammadiyah Indonesia SAR TEAM.

    This was confirmed directly by Al Afik, S. Kep. Ns. MSi,The MDMC Disaster Simulation Team stated that since Sunday (5/12) the UMY volunteer team had helped prepare logistics on behalf of MDMC to be sent to disaster areas.

    “UMY’s involvement in this disaster includes UMY volunteers who focused on preparing logistics to be sent to disaster-affected areas. The team had arrived at the location last night. The logistics that have been prepared are in the form of family kits, women’s sanitation kits, logistics for public kitchens, medical logistics,” explained the UMY ICS Commander when interviewed on Monday (6/12).

    Afik also said that since Monday afternoon UMY has deployed the UMY Mapala Team to join the Muhammadiyah Indonesia SAR Team to help evacuate the natural disaster of Mount Semeru. “This afternoon there will be 5 students who will directly participate in the evacuation of the Mount Semeru disaster who will join the Muhammadiyah Indonesia SAR Team,” he added.

    UMY plans to create a volunteer scheme through emergency schools in areas affected by natural disasters. “There is a plan to prepare volunteers for emergency schools for the next 10 days, as a form of replacing the affected teachers. So UMY will help from the side of the teachers through the volunteer Real Work Lecture scheme which will be coordinated through Pak Faris Al-Fadhat as the Vice Rector for Student Affairs,” he concluded. (Sofia)

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