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    Reducing the cost of cyber-attacks in higher education

    The threat of cyber-attacks against universities has grown significantly in the past two years, as education went wholly online, costing, on average, almost half...

    Can higher ed fill the graduate data skills gap?

    The divide between the skills employers require and the skills graduates have obtained is widening, or at least it appears to be. New and...

    Supporting refugees

    Educational access for refugees and those seeking asylum can experience a number of barriers, including limited available infrastructure and steep financial hurdles. Niamh Ollerton...

    Back to brain drain

    The pandemic brought an unexpected halt to the brain drain in many parts of the world. John O’Leary asks how long this respite will...

    From the classroom to the field

    The sports world is changing dramatically. Niamh Ollerton takes a closer look at how hands-on learning, digital transformation, and media consumption are just some...

    Erasing cheating online

    The pandemic helped usher in a new normal for online education, but the opportunities also bring challenges around exam integrity. Gitanjali Goswami tracks the...

    Cloud nine: How to be happy 101

    Happiness is many times described as elusive and fleeting, but could the feeling of joy be taught? Afifah Darke explores how several institutions approach...

    Teaching Gen Z

    Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, is quickly beginning to represent the largest cohort of students at universities around the world. Chloe Lane...

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    Private investment in education will drive further innovation?