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    Tapak Suci UMY holds virtual national championship

    The Tapak Suci Student Activity Unit (UKM) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) once more held the Tapak Suci National Championship (TSNC) Friday (04/03) at the Amphitheater of the Postgraduate building. The implementation of the TSNC this time is different from the TSNC that has been carried out previously, because this time it was held virtually, which was attended by 95 participants from SMA/SLTA equivalent throughout Indonesia.

    Chairman of the Central Board of Executive (PP) Tapak Suci Drs. M. Afnan Hadikusumo who had the opportunity to be present at the opening of the event said that it was important to carry out TSNC and be followed by Tapak Suci cadres as a measure of ability. “This Tapak Suci Championship is very important to be held and participated by Tapak Suci cadres because this is a forum to measure the ability of cadres. Not only that, it also facilitates cadres to learn to be better,” he explained.

    He also mentioned that currently Tapak Suci has developed in other countries. “Tapak Suci is not only growing rapidly in Indonesia, at this time, thank God, it is recorded that Tapak Suci is growing in 18 other countries. At first, Tapak Suci was introduced by cadres who happened to have a need there, whether they were studying or for other matters,” said Afnan.

    He also advised all Tapak Suci cadres not to forget the dignity and spirit of Muhammadiyah’s da’wah. “Regardless of what we are doing now, as Tapak Suci cadres, we must maintain the dignity and spirit of Muhammadiyah’s da’wah,” he added.

    Meanwhile, the head of the UMY Student and Alumni Development Institute (LPKA), Oki Wijaya, SP, MP said that TSNC is proof of the enthusiasm of the UMY Tapak Suci cadres. “Although this event should have been held in 2021, qodarullah has only been implemented now in 2022. I see that this is a form of the spirit and seriousness of friends in supporting the implementation of this agenda, the pandemic is not an excuse for us to continue to spread the spirit of goodness,” said Oki.

    Furthermore, he appreciated Tapak Suci UMY as the biggest contributor to student achievement at UMY. “I highly appreciate Tapak Suci UMY, because of all UKM at UMY, Tapak Suci has contributed the most achievements. Hopefully this can be a trigger for other SMEs to be excited again in achieving achievements,” he said. On the same occasion, Oki also explained that UMY is a private university with the best national student activities.

    At the end of his speech, he also hoped that TSNC would be able to find qualified Tapak Suci cadres. “Hopefully with this TSNC we can find our best Tapak Suci cadres, congratulations for the successful implementation of this TSNC, although it is held virtually, hopefully this will not reduce the essence of the event,” concluded Oki. (RM)

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