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    UMY’s 7th International Cultural and Culinary Festival held offline

    As a campus with the slogan “Young and Global”, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) continues to expand its reach in the international arena in the interest of strategic cooperation with partners. One of them is through the 7th International Cultural and Culinary Festival (ICCF) on Wednesday (23/03) at Sportorium UMY.

    With the theme “Harmony Through Diversity”, the event was enlivened with several agendas including a Street Parade, International Street Kitchen, and Traditional Performance Competition.

    Unlike the previous year, the 7th ICCF is part of the UMY anniversary series and was held offline with strict health protocols.

    This year, there are 67 students from 24 countries. In addition, it is also supported by the Turkish Embassy in Ankara, the French Embassy, ​​the Royal Thai Embassy, ​​the Bangladeshi Embassy, ​​and other international partners.

    This was conveyed by the Head of the International and Cooperation Institute, Fitri Arofiati, S.Kep., Ns., MAN, Ph.D., “This year’s ICCF is one of the UMY anniversary series. And this is an annual program attended by international students not only at UMY but also international students in Jogja and its surroundings. This year, as many as 67 students from 24 different countries in the world participated. Also fully supported by Turkish Embassy Ankara, French Embassy, ​​Royal Thai Embassy, ​​Embassy and other international partners.” explained Fitri in her speech.

    The 7th ICCF aimed to promote international cultural and culinary exchanges. As well as building international relations between students in an international scope. “ICCF is a platform for gathering and exchanging cultures such as language, dance, songs and of course food,” Fitri added. In this 7th ICCF event, a collaboration between Australian Volunteers International and UMY was also signed.

    In his speech, Prof. Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto., MP, IPM., said that ICCF is one of the programs that is run to improve the international atmosphere. “ICCF is actually a program that cannot be separated from outbound and inbound methods to improve the international atmosphere. We know that during the pandemic, there was a decline in foreign students who came to learn face to face on campus. Previously, there were 70 to 80 foreign students, while during COVID-19 there were only 30 who all have complicated immigration procedures. So this year, the outbound and inbound programs to send students abroad have been running smoothly again,” explained Gunawan.

    Gunawan also hopes that the ICCF event, apart from enhancing the international atmosphere, can create awareness at the student level that we are part of the world. “In addition, ICCF hopes that it can create awareness at the student level that we are part of the world,” concluded Gunawan. (NSN)

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