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    Thammasat Joins “Food For Fighters” Project , an Initiative To Deliver Food to Medical Workers

    Thammasat University Field Hospital supports the “Food For Fighters” project to use “Tiffin boxes” delivering food for medical workers in order to reduce plastic wastes. The hospital plans to help other target groups that are badly affected.

    “We aimed to compile 30 affected restaurants and fund them to cook for medical workers but now we are working with 100 restaurants. At first, we wanted to deliver food to 3 hospitals in Bangkok and vicinity but now we have expanded to 20 hospitals around Thailand. During one month, we have raised funds for 1,482,018 Baht and gave away 30,000 boxes of food,” Ms.Panchana Wattanasatian, the Owner of “Pen Lao” restaurant and the Founder of “Food For Fighters” project, reveals.

    “The generosity of everyone, including funds, ingredients, and support, gives us the strength to continue this project because COVID-19 will continue for a while. Although the number of infected people is reducing, it is not guaranteed that the disease will disappear from our country. Therefore, we want to reach out to people who lack food, are unemployed and lack income during this unusual situation.”

    “However, doctors and nurses, including other medical workers, people we often support food too, are pleased to give support to other people who lack food. Therefore, we will proceed to the second phase of this project in one month. We will not limit to only Bangkok and vicinity but we will deliver food to affected people around the country. This time, we aim to raise 2,000,000 Baht of funds in order to send food to each place that we cooperated, including hospitals with COVID-19 patients,” says Ms Panchana.

    “The hospitals that we have cooperated with are Thammasat University Field Hospital (D-Luxx), the Chakri Naruebodindra Medical Institute, Samut Prakan province, Bacho Hospital, Narathiwat province, Narathiwat Ratchanakarin, Narathiwat province, Galyanivadhanakarun Hospital, Narathiwat province, Bannang Sata Hospital, Yala province, and Yarang Hospital, Pattani province.”

    “The continuation of this project gets support from Next company under Silver Voyage Club Group. The company helps to distribute food to other areas in Bangkok and vicinity. Our 100 partner restaurants work as a chef to cook food to medical workers and underprivileged people,” says Ms Panchana.

    “Moreover, after we started the project, we found out that plastic containers are the problem that we need to solve. This is because the production of food boxes requires many plastic containers and creates an impact on our world. Therefore, we will use a “Tiffin box” to deliver food in order to reduce environmental impact, and receivers can reuse the lunchbox. Currently, we begin with Thammasat University Field Hospital as the first place and will expand to other hospitals.”

    “We ask medical workers for participation to reduce plastic waste in the campaign using “Tiffin box”. We also consult with “Food For Fighters” project, a restaurant entrepreneur connection that sends food to the medical staff at Thammasat University Field Hospital, to use the Tiffin box instead of plastic containers. The campaign is 100% successful. “Food For Fighters” project will send Tiffin boxes with food to our hospital and we will give them empty Tiffin boxes. After that, they will use the Tiffin boxes we gave to fill the food for tomorrow. For the Tiffin box that the hospital receives today, we will clean them after eating and exchange them for a new Tiffin box with food tomorrow. We will continue doing this every day and it helps us get rid of all plastic wastes, including plastic containers, plastic bags, plastic utensils, and plastic chopsticks.”, says Asst.Prof.Dr. Prinya Tewanareumitkul, Vice Rector for Administration and Sustainability, Thammasat University, and the Head of Thammasat University Field Hospital.

    People can support us and this project with “Tiffin box”, please visit the website, https://social.sinwattana.com/foodforfighters, or may contact Call Center, tel: +662- 016 – 9910, Mon-Fri 9 am – 5pm for more information.