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    Tokyo University of Science

    Improving data security for a hybrid society

    From financial transactions to the use of communication applications with artificial intelligence, our data is frequently transmitted from personal devices to the cloud. Handling...

    Tokyo University of Science researches complex magnetization reversal mechanism

    Researchers develop a super-hierarchical and explanatory analysis of magnetization reversal that could improve the reliability of spintronics devices. The reliability of data storage and writing...

    Making sense of coercivity in magnetic materials with machine learning

    Coercivity is a physical property of magnetic materials that has much importance in the optimization of energy efficiency in various applications, such as electric...

    The nose-brain pathway: exploring the role of trigeminal nerves in delivering intranasally administered antidepressant

    A study of trigeminal nerves reveals how the intranasal administration of the novel glucagon-like peptide-2 can produce anti-depressant effects.  In a recent study, Japanese scientists...

    Novel derivative of “love hormone” oxytocin improves cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s

    Alzheimer's disease (AD), characterized by an accumulation of β-amyloid protein (Aβ) in brain tissue, is a leading cause of dementia. Researchers at Tokyo University...

    Perturbing the Bernoulli shift map in binary systems

    Researchers effectively tune the parameters of a perturbation method to preserve chaos in the Bernoulli shift map output The Bernoulli shift map is a well-known...

    Novel thin, flexible sensor characterises high-speed airflows on curved surfaces

    Inefficient fluid machinery used in the energy and transportation sector are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting global warming. To improve efficiency,...

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