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    UMY successfully holds Fondo Academy 2022

    Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) successfully held the 2022 Fondo Academy on Sunday (20/03) yesterday morning. This agenda is a cycling sport activity with an academic feel which is predicted to be the first in Indonesia. As the name implies, 50 Fondo Academy participants covered a distance of 115 km on the route UMY – Sedayu – Srandakan – Pencil Monument – ​​Wates City – Sermo – PPSJ – Sribit – Nanggulan – Dekso – UMY.

    In his speech, the Rector of UMY, Prof. Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, MP, IPM., expressed his appreciation for the implementation of this Fondo Academy, especially for the attention and enthusiasm of the participants who came from internal and external universities. “Hopefully events like this will continue in the following years by combining them with other agendas such as social services or planting trees so that they can have a deeper meaning and are looked forward to by the community,” he said.

    After making it to the finish line, just like an educational institution, the participants, who are referred to as ‘graduates’, undergo a graduation procession by embedding medals and awarding ‘diplomas’ by the rector. Ferdi Ramadan Ardianto with the ‘student identification number (nim)’ 2022/009 became the fastest graduate.

    Another thing to note about this Fondo Academy event is the variety of participants who take part, The youngest participant is still 16 years old and the oldest participant is 74 years old. The event was also participated by 3 female participants.

    In addition, after the graduation procession took place, a seminar entitled Professor Talk was also held to ‘spice up’ the academic nuances of Fondo Academy 2022. The seminar was moderated by drg. Edwyn Saleh and had the theme “Tips to Increase Endurance in Cycling”. Endurance itself is the ability of cyclists to ride their bicycles in road conditions and varying distances.

    The agenda, which is part of a series of activities for the 41st UMY Anniversary, received a lot of support from various parties including Daikin, Belle Kitchen, Peloton, Karen Chicken, Regional Development Bank (BPD) DIY Syariah, and Herbalife Indonesia. (Ays)

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