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    GUS Canada Expands to Montreal with Trebas Institute

    Global University Systems Canada (GUS Canada) has today announced that Trebas Institute will be joining its network of institutions in the country.

    Trebas Institute is now associated with Global University Systems (GUS), an international network of higher education institutions. GUS has a strong presence in Canada and its institutions include University Canada West (UCW), Toronto School of Management (TSoM), and The Language Gallery Canada (TLGC).

    Cyndi McLeod, GUS Canada CEO, said: “Our institutions provide a variety of study paths and qualifications and we are always looking to expand to new sectors and locations. With Trebas Institute, not only will we expand our education offer by adding creative disciplines, but we will also establish a presence in Montreal for the first time.”

    Luisa Tanzi, Vice President of Trebas Institute, said: “Our staff and faculty are excited to join GUS Canada. In collaboration with the GUS team I am confident that we will continue to provide exceptional service at a higher level to our student population and future employers.”

    Yuliya Etingen, VP Strategic Development at GUS Canada, added: “Our organization is brought together by a shared passion for accessible and relevant learning opportunities. We are confident that Trebas Institute will contribute to our mission with its unique combination of versatile programs, a human relations approach to services and an exceptional quality of facilities, faculty and staff.”

    Trebas Institute is a leading private education provider deeply rooted in the music and entertainment industry. Trebas Institute will be the first GUS Canada institution to combine creative expression programs with the leading education that students need to excel in these industries.

    The institution was founded in 1979, in response to the then-growing market demand for proficient and versatile music recording and business professionals, filmmakers, and event planners. Since then, Trebas Institute has provided comprehensive and practical hands-on training, distinguishing itself with its creative and supportive environment.

    Trebas Institute has campuses in Toronto and Montreal, the second-most populous city in Canada. Its legacy of highly successful graduates has enabled the school to offer a wealth of excellent programs, designed to prepare students for successful and rewarding careers in the entertainment industry.