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    Kyiv Polytechnic Institute hosts 25th Anniversary Conference on Renewable Energy

    An international conference on renewable energy took place in Kyiv at Ukraine’s Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, marking its 25th anniversary. The theme of the online conference was “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of the 21st Century”.

    The purpose of the conference was to address the challenges and development prospects of utilizing renewable energy sources and other natural resources, as well as to discuss the implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency measures. The event brought together 43 international experts in green energy, including representatives from Poland, Uzbekistan, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Latvia.

    Key topics covered at the conference included Energy Efficiency, Integrated Renewable Energy Systems, Wind Power Technologies, Solar Power Engineering, Biomass Energy, Hydraulic Power, Geothermal Energy, Educational Activities, Hydrogen Energy, Environmental Energy (Heat Pumps), and Smart Grids. The event resulted in the adoption of the resolution recognizing conference organizers and outlining important initiatives aimed at green energy transition.