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    UMY’s first female professor

    Prof. Dr. Dyah Mutiarin recently achieved the title of Professor in the field of Government Science as well as being the first female Professor owned by the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).

    The lecturer of the UMY Government Science study program stressed on the important role of women in decision making, especially in shaping the future of universities.

    According to Dyah, women are very important in the family, in the work environment, and in society. Women must be able to show their ability to progress, be independent, and be in an equal position with men.

    In the process to achieve this highest academic degree, Dyah conducted several pieces of research on Government and Public Policy. The research conducted by the Head of the UMY Research and Innovation Institute focuses on government management and public policy innovation within the government.

    “In my opinion, an adaptive, innovative, responsible government (agile government) is very necessary for managing public policies, especially during this pandemic. For example, in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the central government and regional governments make policies, but these policies often undergo changes, they also carry out policy innovations from experience in the field. Of course, this requires a bureaucratic model that is active, agile, and nimble in the government. However, this smart bureaucracy also requires strengthening community involvement to control the policy,” she explained.

    Furthermore, Dyah hopes that her appointment as a Professor and her status as the first female Professor at UMY can be a motivation for other lecturers.

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