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    UiTM collaborates with SKSU, Philippines on Halal Training Programs

    The Research Initiative Group (Halal Management and Science) of the Faculty of Business Management of Universiti Teknologi MARA, (also known as iHALALMAS FBM UiTM), Malaysia organized two online training programs on halal involving 15 participants from the Sultan Kudarat State University (SKSU), Philippines late 2020.

    These training programs transpired from the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) endorsed in December 2019 between both universities which revealed the aspiration of SKSU to venture into halal academic and business initiatives, and for UiTM to collaborate with SKU in halal development programs for the Asian region and the global market.  The main aim of the training programs was to provide awareness among the participants on the concept of halal in business and entrepreneurship, and able to apply those concepts successfully for businesses in the Philippines.

    The first Halal Training Program was conducted in September 2020 where it concentrated on halal business and entrepreneurship. While, the second Halal Training Program conducted in October, focused on halal animal welfare and food processing.  Both training programs were coordinated by Dr. Ismah Osman, the Leader of the Research Initiative Group (Halal Management and Science) UiTM, assisted by Dr. Ruby Hechanova, the Head of Halal Department at SKSU.

    The workshop on halal business was conducted by Prof. Dr. Faridah Hassan and Dr. Ismah Osman, while Associate Prof. Dr. Sharifah Zannierah Syed Marzuki and Dr. Hasni Abdullah discussed on the importance of Halal Entrepreneurship.

    For the second training program session, Tuan Hj Mohd Nordin Zainuddin, a Compliant
    Director from Sertwo International Sdn Bhd and a JAKIM certified trainer took charge of it.  The objectives of this workshop were to provide awareness on the concept of halal in meat production and food processing besides providing an understanding on the process behind the consumption of halal food products. As these were online training programs, other than lectures and discussions, activities such as quizzes were organised to engage the participants.

    With these two training programs, SKSU hopes to be able to contribute to halal development in the Philippines and the world, especially on halal meat production. Concurrently, Dr Ruby hopes to community engagement so that the farmers may
    become entrepreneurs of halal goat meat or chevon.

    On another note, a research endeavour is hoped to be materialized between iHALALMAS,
    FBM, UiTM and SKSU in developing more halal-based entrepreneurship and business, particularly in the state of Mindanao.

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