UiTM holds the Innovative Escape International Virtual Exhibition 2021


Faculty of Business and Management (FBM), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) held the Innovative Escape International Virtual Exhibition 2021.

The exhibition was aimed at providing participating education institutions with an alternative to traditional learning models and promote international academic exchanges in higher education by allowing students to participate in a virtual exhibition.

The program was led by Dr Nor Lelawati Binti Jamaludin from the International Business and Management Studies Department, FBM and jointly organized by the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Art and Design, UiTM under the supervisions of Puan Siti Salwa Isa and Encik Abu bin Ali. The program is under the patronage of Professor Dr Noryati Ahmad, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management, UiTM.

Apart from the two faculties from UiTM, the exhibition also involved collaborators from the Student Development Center, UPM; Universitas Islam Riau, Indonesia; Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Hitra Leirskole, Norway; and Uzbekistan Youth Associations, Uzbekistan.

Students from the participating institutions were given a chance to showcase their project in the exhibition and this exchange is governed by the principle of collaboration and reciprocity that does not involve any cost to the participating students.

The current semester’s collaboration project seeks to further explore the concepts and factors towards improving accessibility, economic opportunities and viability of isolated places in rural Areas aligned with the relevant Global Goals for Sustainable Development; “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” agenda.

The project compels students to explore current issues on how to improve accessibility, economic opportunities and viability of isolated places in rural areas in their respective countries. They are required to study significant problems arising in the related areas by exploring key features of sustainable development that successively follows through the selected process model to improve efficiency and solutions delivery.

For this project, students are expected to consider how their creative and innovative ideas integrate the fundamental principles of sustainable design goals and anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s society by involving existing/related international organizations. The students will need to develop innovative designs and ideas with the organization and bring fresh imaginative solutions for society.

To broaden access and visibility, the project utilises social media platforms to engage with the society and target audiences. An Instagram page known as @innovativeescape was used as the main platform for the virtual exhibition. Students work and solutions are posted and all collaborators and the public can view the innovative solutions provided by the students.

This virtual exhibition is aligned with UiTM’s aim, which is to achieve globally renowned university status. The exhibition contributes to the current need for creating an academic ecosystem that responds to the changing higher education scenario.

This collaboration model nurtures closer ties between participating faculties and universities and deepens the understanding and collaboration of parties involved towards achieving the same goals. Under this strategic partnership and the advent of this program, the exchange of ideas and the development of quality and practical solutions applicable to societies are made possible.

It contributes to the creation of a truly effective and quality partnership that will thrive within an ecosystem of mutual understanding and respect. Thus, the spotlighted program is a good measure to move the FBM and Faculty of Art and Design, as well as UiTM forward and make it more visible.