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    UAJ and IKBI Hold a Webinar on Tax Incentives for Corporations and SMEs

    Faculty of Economics and Business Unika Atma Jaya (FEB UAJ) in collaboration with the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association (IKPI) held a national tax webinar (online seminar) titled “Utilizing Volume II Tax Incentives in Anticipating Economic Challenges in the Covid-19 Period for Corporations and UMKM (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)”.

    In his remarks, Dean of FEB UAJ Irenius Dwinanto Bimo explained that this event was part of a webinar series organized by the accounting undergraduate and graduate programs. “This webinar is a form of our contribution to the nation and state to welcome the 60th anniversary of Atma Jaya and the faculty (FEB),” he said, Friday (05/15).

    The event presented IKPI Chairperson Mochamad Soebakir,  Chairperson of the IKPI Ethics COVIDtee Lani Dharmasetya as the speaker and hosted by the Head of Accounting Master Program Unika Atma Jaya, Christina Yuliana. Over 1200 participants from all over Indonesia came from corporate circles, lecturers, IKPI members, students, and UMKM involved in it.

    Lani, in her presentation, explained the tax incentives that can be utilized by corporations and UMKM.  There is Article 21 Income Tax (PPh 21) borne by the government (DTP), UMKM Income Tax (PPh) Final DTP, exemption of Import Income Tax Article 22 (PPh 22), reduction of Article 25 PPh installments by 30 percent, and preliminary VAT refund.

    “This is a concrete manifestation of Directorate General of Taxes’ (DJP) sensitivity to taxpayers (WP) in facing the Covid-19 pandemic, especially for corporations and UMKM,” she said.

    IKPI Chairperson Mochamad Soebakir hopes that this webinar can help fulfill the taxpayer’s obligations of corporate and UMKM amidst the pandemic.

    “Hopefully, by joining this webinar, everything will be clear, so that it can help taxpayers in carrying out their rights and fulfilling their tax obligations,” said Soebakir.

    Christina Yuliana added participants who took part in this webinar would get e-certificates to get credit points for IKPI members or company employees.  This e-certificates also could be used as scholarships for certified tax consultant (BKP)  who wanted to continue to the Accounting Masters program and Profession Accountant Program (PPak) at FEB Unika Atma Jaya.