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    The Role of Environmental Engineers Becomes Increasingly Important in the Era of Industrialization

    The role of Environmental Engineers has become increasingly important today, both in government institutions as regulators as well as in industry, factories, and offices as executors.

    The industrialization has become one of the main key successes of economic development. In addition to increasing the country’s national income, industrial development can increase employment and fulfill the needs of the community. However, at the same time, the development of the industry had a negative impact on the environment. The increasing number of industrial wastes that pollute water, air, and soil demands special attention from everyone to immediately resolve this problem. Thus,

    Responding to the increasing demand for Environmental Engineering experts, Muhamad Nuralamsyah, Head of the President University Major Association of Environmental Engineering, revealed that Environmental Engineering is now one of the right choices for students to pursue careers while contributing to maintaining the sustainability of our earth.

    Muhamad’s statement is also supported by Gilbert Givano, an Environmental Engineering student who just finished his thesis defense this semester. “The environmental problem now is very serious. Even if we stop all carbon emissions at this very moment, those emissions would only disappear from the air after thousands of years later. A massive and well-planned handling program needs to be done to solve this environmental problem,” he said. He also argues that one of the contributions we can do to preserve the environment is to become a professional in the field of Environmental Engineering, which deals with the industrial waste problem which currently has contributed greatly to polluting the environment.

    Located in one of the largest industrial estates in Indonesia, President University has collaborated with various industries. This collaboration enables Environmental Engineering students to study in a “living laboratory” while getting up-to-date lessons that are integrated with industry trends.

    The Head of Environmental Engineering President University, Ir. Temmy Wikaningrum, M.Si., revealed, “Environmental Engineering President University is the only Environmental Engineering undergraduate program in Indonesia that is conducted in English. The lecturers are a combination of practitioners, academicians, and government members so that the curriculum is not only designed for technological capabilities, but also in the fields of law, management, economics, and entrepreneurship related to environmental engineering.”

    At present, President University’s Environmental Engineering has two concentrations, namely Environmental Management and Industrial Waste Management. This choice of concentration is a form of response to handle the environmental problem that has become the attention of various parties, namely industrial waste.