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    Thammasat University Hospital Introduces SMART One Touch Solution , an Innovation Project to Cope with COVID-19

    Recently, Assoc.Prof.Ph.D.Paruehas Tor-Udom, Director of Thammasat University Hospital, and Dr.Palakorn Puttharak, Head of the laboratory room of Thammasat University Hospital, introduced an innovation under the project “SMART One Touch Solution – Beyond the Future”. The aim is to advance the laboratory with the latest innovation “One Touch Solution” in order to reduce congestion of patients, minimize mistakes, and create a safe standard for staff during the COVID-19 situation.

    SMART One Touch Solution – Beyond the Future project is established in order to bring technology to help serve patients in the most effective way, including the following details.

    1. Intelligent sign up system for phlebotomy queuing via a mobile application called “LAB TUH” or through a kiosk that takes less than 40 seconds. It helps reduce 50% of congestion in front of the blood drawing room which reduces transmission risk between patients.
    2. Automatic blood tube preparation system by using tube labeling technology (ROBO8000) to prepare blood collection tubes.
    3. Patient checking system before collecting blood.
    4. Blood collection tubes conveyor system to the laboratory without contacting the tube.
    5. Automatic analytic system and collecting blood tube after analysis in order to reduce risk of contacting the sample.
    6. Smart reporting system by evaluating analysis information and having medical laboratory technicians examine it again before inputting information to the hospital system.

    Moreover, there is an effort to reduce contact to sample, phlebotomists, and sample conveyors. During the COVID-19 situation, the hospital aims to reduce contact with patients in all cases. Therefore, Thammasat University Hospital works with CPL Holdings Co.Ltd. to set up a total lab and install a blood tube conveyor system that will contact the tube in only one point. “One Touch Solution” satisfies many patients as it reduces waiting time and blood drawing time. As a result, it is easy to serve the patients and reduces congestion in front of the blood drawing-room.

    Therefore, Thammasat University Hospital is regarded as a “Digital Hospital” that uses a blood tube conveying technology to the utmost benefit.

    Latest Posts

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