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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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    NTU launches the first International School of Politics and Economics in Taiwan

    In response to the demand of talent, National Taiwan University (NTU) launches International School of Politics and Economics on May 6, 2024. The school as an institutional landmark highlights economics and politics for further development of the versatile cross-disciplinary literacy of global talent.

    As the first international school of politics and economics in Taiwan, President Wen-Chang Chen emphasized that future globally minded generations in political, economic and international financial sectors would be cultivated in terms of incorporation of politics and economics into innovative technology, environmental sustainability, regional history and culture.

    Plus, the school will engage in academic exchanges in collaboration with leading universities including Harvard University, Georgetown University in the United States, Sciences Po in France and Waseda University in Japan. Future joint initiatives will enhance not only internationalization of higher education but also advance top-notch inter-disciplinary researches. Grappling with world challenges and changing geopolitics, the school aims to exert a decisive impact at national, regional and global levels.