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    Survival of the Fittest? New Study Shows How Cancer Cells Use Cell Competition to Evade Body’s Defenses

    Cell competition, a defense system orchestrated by epithelial cells to suppress cancer formation, is altered in epithelial cells with sequential mutations. Activated Ras mutant...

    Cultivating Euglena in Tomato Juice

    Euglena (Euglena gracilis) is a microalga containing chloroplasts and producing organic matter through photosynthesis in a well-lit environment, while taking in organic matter from...

    Novel Enzyme Family Could Provide Insights into Bacterial Pathogenicity

    Gram-negative bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella are a global cause of concern as they can cause disease outbreaks. They release osmo-regulated periplasmic glucans...

    Extending the Playing Field for Organosulfurs: A New Way to Synthesize Sulfinate Esters

    Sulfinate esters, a type of organosulfur compounds, are typically synthesized using thiols. However, these substances are difficult to work with due to their unpleasant...

    Towards better batteries, fuel cells with dispersibility estimation for carbon electrode slurries

    Carbon slurries, which consist of a suspension of carbon particles in a solvent, are used to mass-produce battery electrodes. However, there are no adequate...