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    SIIT Launches “Nong Yoong Thong” Robot for Assisting with Medical Care of COVID-19 Patients

    Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University has developed a robot “Nong Yoong Thong” to help doctors and nurses take care of the patients. The robot will be used in Thammasat University Field Hospital.

    “Nong Yoong Thong” is a robot created by the collaboration of Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University and iApp Technology Co., Ltd. The robot technology will be a vital element to assist medical staff to serve and take care of the patients, especially people with the severe infected disease during the COVID-19 situation.

    Professor Dr Thanarak Teeramankong together with Dr.Wirat Sornlertlamwanitch, Associate Professor Dr.Sasiporn Usanawasin, Professor of the Department of Information and Communication Technology, and Dr Kobkit Viriyayutthakorn, Alumni of SIIT, and iApp Technology Co., Ltd., elaborated about the working mechanism of Nong Yoong Thong.

    The robot has Chat Bot system, so they can communicate with the controller in Thai. The robot uses LIDAR technology to remember the location of the patient’s bed which allows it to go to the patient’s room without using the remote control. Plus, it can check the patient’s temperature without contacting them.

    The working mechanism of Nong Yoong Thong robot

    It is able to talk and have a conversation in Thai with the patient. When the medical team wants to give some instructions or transfer some dialogues, they can start by calling the robot’s name “Nong Yoong Thong”. The robot can stay and chit-chat with the patients to help to reduce their anxiety.

    It can deliver food, medicine, and medical supplies to a quarantine room without using the remote control. The robot uses LIDAR technology to scan the patient’s room and memorize the location of their beds. Therefore, the robot can deliver medicine from the pharmacy room to the patient’s room automatically by placing a serving tray at the back of the robot and telling the destination. As a result, the medical staff doesn’t need to wear PPE clothes to enter the quarantine rooms.

    The robot can check the temperature without contacting the patient. The robot will use a webcam and infrared red camera to perform face detection and automatically check the temperature of the patient only by standing in front of the camera for 2-3 seconds. The result will automatically be sent to the medical staff.

    It can perform Teleconference. Medical staffs can control the robot through the use of applications. It allows them to check around the ward from outside or from their accommodations. The robot can work up to 8 hours after it has been fully charged.

    “Nong Yoong Thong Robot” has been tested at the Obstetrics and Gynecology ward, Thammasat University The robot has also been tested to serve  Mr.Anutin Charnveerakul, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Ministry of Public Health at Thammasat University Hospital on 10 April 2020. After receiving some feedback from the medical team, the robot is being modified to maximize its potential and work more effectively.  It is expected that the improved robot can be use in the quarantine rooms at Thammasat’s Field Hospital in the upcoming weeks.

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