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    President University and JST hold workshop on Information and Electronic Engineering

    President University (PresUniv) in collaboration with the Japan Science and Technology Foundation (JST), held an Information and Electronic Engineering Workshop, Monday (13/12). This workshop is part of the Sakura Science Exchange Program 2021, held online from December 13 to December 16, 2021. This workshop presents six speakers, namely Dr.-Ing. Erwin Sitompul, M.Sc, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, PresUniv; Drs. Antonius Suhartomo, M.Eng.Sc., M.M., Ph.D., Head of Electrical Engineering Study Program, PresUniv; Prof. Mitsuhiro Ogawa, Prof. Testufumi Tanamoto, and Prof. Koichi Hamada, all three from Teikyo University; Nova Eka Budiyanto, S.Pd., M.Pd., M.T from Atma Jaya University.

    In this workshop, Erwin delivered material on the Robot Development Practical Approach and his various research & projects in the manufacture and development of robots, namely Robot Arm Manipulator (RAM), IoT-Based Pet Robot with Customizable Functions, and Walking Optimization of Humanoid Robot. He explained that RAM is a prototype of Arduino-based RAM controlled by the lead-through method. “RAM has 3 degrees of freedom, with rotational movement, up-down movement, and back-and-forth movement,” he said. Meanwhile, the Humanoid Robot has 10 degrees of freedom designed and constructed using metal brackets and bolts.

    Meanwhile, Antonius delivered material on Basic Electronic Devices with three discussion topics, namely semiconductors, Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT), and Field Effect Transistors (FET). According to him, basic electronic devices are an important part to learn before discussing more about advanced technology. In a semiconductor, says Antonius, the bandgap energy is in the order of 1 eV, where a net flow of free electrons causes a current. “In a semiconductor, two types of charged particles contribute to the current, namely negatively charged electrons and positively charged holes,” he explained. In this workshop, Antonius also said that BJT can provide much greater amplification than JFT.

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