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    President University is ready to implement hybrid learning

    In April 2020, President University (PresUniv) issued Rector’s Regulation Number 6 of 2021 about President University New Normal Offline Learning and Online Learning. Based on Article 1, Paragraph 1, it is stated that lecture activity for the undergraduate and postgraduate programs will be carried out with offline learning new normal and online learning, since May 24, 2021.

    During the offline learning new normal, strict health protocol will be applied. Everyone, without exception, must wear a mask in the campus area, at least a medical mask and not buff or scuba, with always physical distancing. Before entering the campus building, it is compulsory to wash hands, measure body temperature, and sterilized in the disinfection chamber.

    Then during the teaching and learning process, all students and lecturers are required to use a face shield. The maximum capacity in one class is only 15 students and a lecturer. Classrooms are guaranteed sterile because disinfection will be carried out in all areas in the building regularly. Moreover, PresUniv also provides a doctor who will always standby at Campus Building B if someone needs a checkup.

    In addition, lecturers will be a priority for getting the Covid-19 vaccine. Random swab tests will also be conducted for students who take the offline learning. Prof. Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto, Rector of PresUniv, said that this offline-online blended lecture scheme is being implemented because PresUniv is optimistic that all can carry out activities properly in the new normal era, while still applying health protocols in a disciplined manner.

    “This is also a learning process for us. And, it is not difficult. In the future, we are sure that the new normal will become something normal. It becomes something ordinary. That is the reason we implement the offline and online blended lecture scheme,” he concluded.