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    President University and City of Glasgow College discuss about education system

    President University (PresUniv) and City of Glasgow College (CoGC) held a webinar as a form of implementation of its partnership.

    The webinar’s topic was about the education system in Scotland and how CoGC was able to maintain the quality of education amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This topic was brought up by Joe Mulholland, Associate Dean of CoGC.

    Currently, Mulholland is in charge of teams covering Electrical Engineering, Electronic Machinery, Automation, Cyber Security, and Software Development.

    For 15 years, he was a recognized electrical contractor and led many of Glasgow’s renowned electrical installations before entering the world of education. Thanks to his experience, Joe could share his knowledge and experiences with students of the Faculty of Engineering, PresUniv.

    Joe discussed the different ages in the Scottish education system, what students do after completing their education, what students and society expect from lecturers or teachers, and many more.

    Hopefully, with this webinar, the cooperation between PresUniv and CoGC can be increased into other activities, such as student exchanges or faculty members.

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