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    LSBF Singapore Announces New Programs in Collaboration with University of Greenwich

    London School of Business and Finance in Singapore (LSBF) has announced new programs with the University of Greenwich (UOG) to expand their collaboration.

    The collaboration started in 2018 with the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Accounting and Finance (Top Up), followed in 2019 by the Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management, the first-ever for LSBF. Building on the positive experience, the two institutions will now bring five new undergraduate and postgraduate programs to Singapore.

    The expanded portfolio will include the MBA / MA International Business, MA Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies, and the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Logistics and Transport Management.

    The first classes will start from May 2020, with no restrictions on students despite the current COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to a long and established experience with online learning, during this COVID-19 period, LSBF will be delivering lessons through LIVE Broadcast without any disruption to the students’ learning experience. In addition, the recorded videos of the lessons will be made available to all students enrolled in the programs.

    Working against the challenges of the current scenario, which has forced higher education providers to suspend regular activities, LSBF Singapore has been able to continue delivering its quality teaching. Rathakrishnan Govind, Global CEO at LSBF, said: “Our use of innovative technology allows us to keep supporting our students despite the difficult situation.

    “We are delighted to be able to expand our collaboration with the University of Greenwich, Singaporeespecially at this time of uncertainty for international higher education. Not only can we continue to help students to engage directly with tutors and the school whilst learning, but we are also offering them new education and career paths.”

    The online delivery will help students who cannot travel to Singapore for the time being to start on their program of choice. They will have full access to online classes, as well as tutors, resources, and student support services, and they will be able to transition back to traditional physical classes post COVID-19.

    Jon Sibson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Business at the University of Greenwich, said: “The University has a long history of offering its programs in Singapore. The range of programs offered at LSBF is our most comprehensive to date. We are delighted that students will be able to study our programs without interruption and we look forward to welcoming many more successful graduates from the LSBF/University of Greenwich partnership.”

    LSBF will be delivering the programs accredited by UOG and approved by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore. With this collaboration, students enrolled at LSBF Singapore will have the opportunity to complete programs accredited by a UK university, and therefore acquire internationally recognized qualifications.

    Mr Govind added: “Our institution is committed to becoming one of the major providers for business and professional education in the region. We believe that collaborations with international providers are keys that can open many doors for our students in their future careers, and we’ll be working to expanding our network to create even more opportunities.”

    For more information visit: https://www.lsbf.edu.sg/programmes/

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