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    KNU Establishes Faculty of Convergence For Enrolled Students

    Kyungpook National University is the first national university to establish a’ Faculty of Convergence for Selecting Current Students’ to foster creative and fusion talent in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

    On the 26th, Kyungpook National University announced the revised school rules reflecting the establishment of the Faculty of Convergence, which includes four majors in convergence fields, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Integrated Biomedical Engineering Robot and Smart System Engineering, and Hydrogen and Renewable Energy.

    The convergence academic organization that selects enrolled students through a transfer course is evaluated as an example of an innovative academic system reform that deviates from the framework of the existing academic system, which selects freshmen and transfer students.

    By the revised university regulations, Kyungpook National University plans to select a total of around 100 students from the first semester of next year to students who have completed the second year or higher.

    The students selected for the four convergence majors within the Faculty of Convergence will receive a master’s degree after receiving 1.5 years of convergence education in the bachelor’s course and completing 1.5 years of convergence research in the master’s program. While it usually takes 6 years to acquire an undergraduate or master’s degree, the Faculty of Convergence can acquire an undergraduate or master’s degree in 5 years.

    “The four majors in the Faculty of Convergence are to cultivate fusion talents in preparation for future demands such as the 4th Industrial Revolution,” said Gang Heong Lee, Dean of Planning and Coordination at Kyungpook National University.

    Latest Posts

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