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    KNU’s Global Online Winter School: Learning Korean culture and language

    University students from all over the world gathered online to learn the language and culture of Korea during the winter vacation.

    The Office of International Affairs, Kyungpook National University, hosted the “KNU Global Online Winter School” from January 25 to February 5 for overseas students during the winter vacation.

    The online winter school, attended by 919 college students from 61 universities in 23 countries, including the United States, held basic Korean language classes and classes on Korean cultures such as K-Pop, Hanbok, Gugak, Taekwondo, and K-Food.

    After every day’s class, the foreign students had time to interact with students at Kyungpook National University through group meetings. In addition, the class recordings were posted on YouTube so that students who could not participate in the class in real-time due to jet lag could take the class without any burden.

    Kyungpook National University has operated a global summer school every year involving university students from overseas countries but has been conducting online programs since last summer vacation due to the spread of COVID-19.

    The foreign students who participated said, “I had to get up early because of the time difference, but it was a worthwhile experience.” and “It was the best online program.” Once COVID-19 is resolved, I want to participate in the summer school held on the campus of Kyungpook National University. He also expressed his feelings, saying, “I want to go to Daegu as an exchange student at Kyungpook National University.”

    President Won Hwa Hong said, “Under the influence of Korean Wave, overseas teenagers’ interest in Korea is higher than ever, but as COVID-19 restricts direct experience opportunities, we plan to continue to provide learning opportunities for Korean culture and language online.”

    “We will make efforts to promote Kyungpook National University so that it can be connected to visiting and studying in Korea in the future.“

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