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    ITS Develops a Management Dashboard for Defence and Security in the North Natuna Sea

    Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is actively engaged in community service programs. One of their latest initiatives involves the creation of a Management Dashboard for Defence and Security in the North Natuna Sea, Indonesia. On May 15, ITS launched the program and data collection efforts for this project, aiming to address the strategic challenges posed by the region’s proximity to the South China Sea. The event was held at the Soewarso Building at Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Angkatan Laut (STTAL), highlighting the collaboration between ITS, STTAL, and Telkom University Surabaya.

    Prof. Erma Suryani, the head of the program, emphasized the significance of the North Natuna Sea’s natural resources and its vulnerability to territorial conflicts. To mitigate these risks, the team is developing a comprehensive base model and dashboard for enhanced monitoring and management. This model is divided into three submodels: the Hankam submodel for mapping defense and security, the infrastructure submodel for supporting sovereignty, and a marine resource management submodel focused on the fisheries sector. These submodels will help project future scenarios and inform policy decisions.

    The developed submodels will be integrated into three management scenarios for the North Natuna Sea, aiming for effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly strategies. The first scenario targets optimal defense area management, the second improves defense and security infrastructure, and the third focuses on natural resource management. Additionally, ITS’ team is creating a dynamic dashboard with simulation features to visualize the impact of different variables on regional dynamics, threat spectrums, and the national defense system. This comprehensive tool is expected to enhance decision-making and strategic planning for the North Natuna Sea region.