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    ICFAI University Launches Food Distribution Scheme for the Poor

    ICFAI University, Jharkhand (India) has launched a food distribution scheme, “Bhojan Paatraa”. This has been possible due to voluntary donations from the employees of ICFAI University Jharkhand. As a part of the scheme, food kits comprising of essential items like rice, pulses, oil, and other basic condiments and spices are packed and are distributed to the poor families in six villages surrounding the university campus in Daladali.

    During the last few days, these food kits have been distributed by the university volunteers in 15 villages of the Ranchi district. Adhering to the guidelines of social distancing, the university staff in small groups of less than 10 traveled to the villages and distributed the kits. The volunteers include Professor Arvind Kumar, Registrar and Senior Faculty members, Prof Sumit Sinha, Prof Mithilesh Mishra, Dr Vishal Kumar and Dr Dilip Kumar.

    Government officials of the state of Jharkhand and the police officials helped in identifying the needy beneficiaries and extended support for the orderly distribution of the food kits. Some of the beneficiaries were migrant workers and street-side vendors and did not have ration cards and were unable to avail of the facility of ration items supply by the Government.

    Besides the “Bhojan Paatra” food kit, face masks were also donated to the villagers, and briefing was given on precautions to be taken to avoid spreading of COVID-19.

    Senior Government officials, Sri Rajesh Mishra , CEO,  Mr Avinashtor  Purnendu, BDO and Smt Pratibha Jha, Food and Drug Inspector, who were present on the occasion, appreciated the efforts of the university in supporting the poor in the current crisis situation.

    ProfessorHigher Education University ORS Rao, appraised the initiative and said that each food kit can take care of the food requirements of a family of two for up to 10 days.