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Friday, July 30, 2021
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    Alina Perevizintsova

    Scientists from St Petersburg University discover at the Dead Sea a mineral previously only known in meteorites

    Scientists from St Petersburg University, in cooperation with researchers from Germany, USA and Italy, have discovered terrestrial allabogdanite, (Fe,Ni)2P. It is a mineral that,...

    SPbU embryologists reveal a secret of a worm that has regeneration super abilities

    Biologists at St Petersburg University have studied mechanisms of regeneration of marine animals and found out what plays the key role in the regeneration...

    New study by St Petersburg University can help better understand the mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases

    Researchers from St Petersburg University have created a new theory of diffusion NMR experiments to study amyloid fibrils. Fibrils are one of the key factors behind various forms of dementia,...

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