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    Young artists present their Latin American themed works at SPbU

    The 5th International Forum ’Russia and Ibero-America in a Globalizing World: History and Modernity’ at St Petersburg University has hosted an exhibition of young artists and designers dedicated to Latin American culture.

    The exhibition features term and graduation projects by students from Russia and Colombia who have pursued degrees in Painting, Graphic Design and Film and Television Costume Production Artist at St Petersburg University.

    The exhibits include an art object dedicated to the collection of short stories ’The Book of Sand’ by Jorge Luis Borges; paintings inspired by the culture and legends of Colombia; a homage to a font in the art of architect Santiago Calatrava; and illustrations to the collection ‘Cronopios and Famas’ by Julio Cortázar, in which the young artists reflected their vision of the characters and atmosphere of the surreal world.

    “South America certainly has a rich literary heritage and many artists often refer to it in their work. Not surprisingly, it has inspired film designers who often draw on literary works in their productions. Designers usually choose themes that appeal to them personally. This is because the exhibition features the works of two Colombian students who graduated with a degree in Easel Painting and have devoted their graduation projects to their country,” said Irina Tsymbal, Head of the Department of Fine Arts at St Petersburg University.
    To view the artworks and learn more about them, visit the exhibition‘s website.

    “The website was created by first-year master’s students in Graphic Design under the guidance of Anna Zyrianova, Associate Professor at St Petersburg University. This web project is an effort to develop a new form of an exhibition of art and design works,’ said Kseniia Pozdniakova, Associate Professor at St Petersburg University and Head of the Department of Design.

    “The website was designed using underlying technology and the bootstrap constructor. The interface was developed a year ago and was first tested in an online exhibition at the international conference “Design: Horizontal & Vertical Growth”. The software code has already received a copyright certificate.”

    The website is designed specifically for exhibition purposes. The page is divided into two parts. On the left, there is the catalogue that enables you to browse through the information on all the published works. On the right side, there is a close-up view of each project. Visitors can navigate through the virtual exhibition in any order, look at fragments of the works and read explanatory notes.