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    GSOM SPbU graduate among world’s top 50 best marketers by The Drum

    Mariia Merzliakova, who received a bachelor’s degree from St Petersburg University’s Graduate School of Management (GSOM) in 2017, is now the brand manager of SexyHair at Henkel.

    She has been tapped as one of the top 50 emerging marketers in the world by The Drum, a global media platform and the largest marketing website in Europe.

    “For me,” Ms Merzliakova commented, “inclusion in this ranking was an important event, since it served as something of a long hoped-for validation of all the efforts that I had put into my career and my move to the USA.”

    “After I had just arrived here, it was hard for me to appraise myself and to understand how good a professional I was in the local market, and this certainly gave me a boost of confidence. Besides, companies really like to talk about the success of their employees. So the news spread rather quickly, and I received congratulations from Henkel’s president in North America. It’s still hard for me to say what good will come of this in the long run, but I’ve sure got a lot more attention.’

    The St Petersburg University alumna noted that it was GSOM that had taught her to set the bar high, and that always helps if you want to achieve good results.

    An interview has been published on the business school’s website, in which Mariia Merzliakova talks about her move to the United States, her decision to carve out a career in beauty care and much more.