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    Young SUSU Scientist Receives a Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences for Antitubercular Research

    A young scientist from South Ural State University has been awarded the prestigious medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The researcher was noted for working with chemical compounds that have proved high effectiveness in the fight against tuberculosis. Colleagues of the scientist from all over the world got access to the study because the results were published in the journal “Synthetic Communications“.

    The Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences was presented to Vladislav Naumovich, an employee of South Ural State University. A young scientist works in the Laboratory of computer modeling of medicines. Jointly with the colleagues from Chelyabinsk and India, he took part in the study of anti-tuberculosis drugs.

    Vladislav Naumovich received a medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a diploma, and a monetary reward for the study of the thiazolidine-4-one derivatives catalyzed by silica gel and their properties.

    According to the scientist, the compounds considered may alter the approach to treating tuberculosis. The fact is that the disease is now a serious danger for patients with diseases of the immune system. They are forced to receive a whole range of medications – not only anti-TB but also anti-inflammatory. Thiazolidin-4-one derivatives show high activity in two directions at once but were not in the past considered by researchers as effective drugs.

    “We have developed a renewed series of hybrid derivatives of thiazolidine-4-one. In cooperation with colleagues, we synthesized them by single-reactor synthesis and conducted a number of studies on the structure and properties of substances. The antitubercular activity was evaluated by micro-dilution in broth on Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and anti-inflammatory activity was calculated employing a model of rat paw carrageenan edema,” Vladislav Naumovich said.

    “In addition, 3D-QSAR calculations were performed, which allowed us to determine the degree of connection between the structures of chemical compounds and their biological activity,”

    An employee of the laboratory of computer modeling of medicines intends to continue research in the field of anti-tuberculosis drugs. It is necessary to find compounds with higher efficiency, as well as to examine their key characteristics. According to Vladislav Naumovich, the award of the RAS Medal was a motivation for further work on the topic.

    The task of the Laboratory is to search for effective substances and compounds. But scientists believe that their development can provide the practical application: if colleagues are interested in the results of the study, a modern effective drug for the treatment of tuberculosis will appear on the market.