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    Unika Atma Jaya’s Rain Water Harvesting Program Strives for Sustainable Community

    Initiated in 2011, the Rain Water Harvesting Program (RWH) is a clean water management system by utilizing rainwater. The technology was developed by lecturers and students of the Atma Jaya Engineering Faculty. Initially, the program emerged after a deep concern over the clean water crisis in North Jakarta and Bekasi. This concern drove Atma Jaya School of Medicine and Health Science dan Atma Jaya Hospital to start educated schools to cultivate hygienic and healthy behavior early.

    Together with private sectors and government, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) built Rain Water Harvesting facilities in several schools, namely SDN Pluit 03 and 04, SDN Kapuk Muara 01 and 02, and SDN Penjaringan 01 and 02. Also, several other schools, SMPN 120 Kamal Muara, and 122 Junior High School Kapuk Raya.

    The success of RWH drew more attention and support from both national and multinational organizations, also the government. DKI Jakarta Government gives particular attention to the beginning development of the program. Vice Governor Ir. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama even stated that this program is essential to supports a healthy lifestyle in the school environment.

    In 2017, Atma Jaya partnered with the Coca Cola Foundation (CCFI) to develop the Green Rusunawa Muara Baru pilot project. The Community Empowerment Center (PPM), as program coordinator, designed the Green Rusunawa to utilize rainwater to create clean water sources for Rusunawa residents, integrated with a waste management system and the development of a learning center.

    The Green Rusunawa idea was intended to sync with SDGs’ grand visions. By so, RWH obliquely contributes to the education and women empowerment.

    “We have collaborated with a waste bank association to conduct training to sort profitable waste. There is also some other domestic waste that could turn into compost,” explained the Head of PPM, Herman Yosep Sutarno.

    Today RWH is not just to provide clean water, even more developing to involve other aspects: training in family finances management, Waste Bank program, and children’s learning assistance or The Learning Center Program (CERIBEL).

    The Green Rusunawa Program attracts overseas partner university students mobility the most. The Rain Water Harvesting program is often involved in many joint activities with international students.

    As it is known, Atma Jaya Catholic University has been, for a long time, a supporter for community empowerment for people in Rusunawa Muara Baru. Their profile of urban communities living in a metropolitan city as well as their experience as a former inhabitant at the Pluit Reservoir has a particular characteristic to examined.

    “For a long time, Rusunawa has been an assisted community for Atma Jaya. The profile of the Rusunawa community is interesting; they not only come from the middle and lower economic circles but also come from various regions of Indonesia with different cultures and living habits. This diversity makes Rusunawa have different social dynamics and challenges compared to other communities,” said Head of Bureau of CollaborationsAgustina Nurcahyanti, when welcoming Daegu Catholic University, South Korea delegations in the AJCUI Winter Program, (13/1/2020

    These situations also bring students from Monash University to visit Muara Baru in December 2019 and January 2020. Under the Global Immersion Program, they introduced to their role as Global Citizens involving in the SDGs program.

    “Jakarta more urban and busier, like a lot happening. When I saw it for the first time, I think the community can try to battle real-life issues with education,” said Anika, a Monash University Student.

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, it is vital to practice hygienic and healthy behavior. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends washing hands regularly. It is said to be more effective in stops the virus spreading by washing hands with water and soaps for 20seconds.

    Considering the importance of washing hands, PPM Atma Jaya installed a handwashing facility in the Rusunawa Muara Baru area. This handwashing facility designed to using a foot pedal to minimize hand touching other surfaces to prevent bacteria or viruses transmission. This facility is an ongoing commitment and real contribution of AJCUI to ensure the well-being and health of the community.