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    UNAIR’s innovative products at ASEAN TISC Regional Meeting

    The Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI) Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia (KEMENKUMHAM RI), in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Japan Patent Office (JPO) held the TISC ASEAN Regional Meeting. The event held at Amerta Hall, 4th Floor, MERR-C Campus Management Office, Airlangga University (UNAIR) on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, was attended by WIPO representatives and 24 delegates from all countries in the ASEAN region.

    The meeting was themed: Best Practices in Technology and Innovation Support from a Local TISC Host Institution, which was presented by Prof. Dr. Mas Rahmah SH MH LLM. She is a Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the Faculty of Law (FH) UNAIR and Coordinator of the UNAIR Start-up Business Development and Incubation Board (BPBRIN).

    The event was opened with remarks by the Director General of Intellectual Property (DJKI) KEMENKUMHAM Sri Lastami, and Mr. Alejandro Roca-Compana as Senior Director of the IP for Innovators Department (IPID), IP, and Innovation. Vice Rector for Research, Innovation and Community Development (RICD) UNAIR Prof. Dr. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih MSi was also attending.

    In the forum, Prof. Mas Rahmah delivered a presentation on Practices in Technology and Innovation Support UNAIR. In her presentation, UNAIR has achieved many achievements, including in the field of development and research, which cannot be separated from the role of TISC.

    “We have more than 400 research and innovation partners involved in 12 innovation consortium memberships. We also have seven innovation centers, and UNAIR innovators have been recognized as the world’s top 100 innovators or researchers. Of course, all these achievements are supported by the Technology and Innovation Support Center (TICS) role,” said UNAIR BPBRIN Coordinator.

    Furthermore, Prof. Mas Rahmah explained TISC services as a local-based high-quality information technology access center. TISC is here to accompany and assist innovators in guiding the research journey until it becomes a product that will be distributed to the industry to be managed optimally.

    “At UNAIR, we have technology and innovation support that provides services regarding access to high-quality local-based information technology to help them (innovators) create, protect and manage their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR),” she emphasized.

    UNAIR has launched several products, including Merah Putih Vaccine, which is licensed by PT Biotis, Excelzyme, a product to prevent allergy triggers developed by PT Petrosida, Dentolaser, a digital product for teeth and gum care produced by PT Sarandi, Allergenic Extract is a product similar to Excelzyme developed by PT Biofarma, as well as the development of KHT Capsules or capsule shells made of seaweed.

    Not only releasing products in the field of medicines and antiseptics, UNAIR also created other health products such as Fordontis Koniderm, a skin-lightening cream shaded by PT Konimex, Meditea, a herbal product that has been released and labeled by PT Asimas, Men Birth Control Pills, a product released in collaboration with PT Javaplant, Glucosamine, a food supplement product and Metabolite Stem Cell beauty product which is developed by PT Phapros. (*)