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    UNAIR Rector emphasizes importance of inter-sectoral collaboration in handling problems

    Closing 2021, UNAIR has inaugurated another four new professors. The ceremony was held on Wednesday, December 12, in Garuda Mukti Hall, Campus C UNAIR.

    The newly inaugurated professors are Dr. Budi Suprapti, Dra., M.Si., Apt in Pharmacokinetics – Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy; Dr. Nyoman Anita Damayanti, drg., MS in Health Administration and Policy, Faculty of Public Health; Dr. Rini Devijanti Ridwan, drg., M.Kes in Oral Biology, Faculty of Dental Medicine; and Prof. Dr. Sutinah, Dra., MS in the field of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

    In his speech, UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih said that professorship is a mandate, duty, and title which is oriented for the benefit and welfare of mankind. The addition of four new professors will add new energy.

    “Hopefully, the professors will give their best contribution,” he said.

    From several of their ideas presented, he continued, the point is to participate in glorifying and prospering the people in their respective fields. However, collaboration is needed to produce more efficient and effective handling.

    According to him, there will be no effectiveness without good collaboration between various sectors. The collaboration will produce synergy, therefore, the urge to work systematically is the key in dealing with the problems faced together.

    “We hope that this collaboration process can be continued so that the problems faced are quickly resolved,” he said.

    In the end, according to Prof. Nasih, UNAIR’s strategy to achieve future glory is to contribute significantly both locally, nationally, and globally. So there is a need for movement and collaboration of all components and elements of UNAIR to be able to give meaning to the lives of others.

    “I hope the professors who are currently inaugurated will contribute even more in the future and, of course, based on encouragement from all parties,” he hoped.

    Four new professors

    Four new professors delivered their scientific orations. First, Dr. Budi Suprapti, Dra., M.Si., Apt delivered her scientific oration on “The Challenges of Clinical Pharmacy in Individualizing Therapy.” It was explained that pharmaceutical services are still often perceived by many parties as services that only focus on fulfilling quality and affordable medicines. Globally, the pharmaceutical profession has experienced significant growth and development over the past few decades, going through three major periods of pharmacy in the 20th century: traditional (preparing and distributing drugs), transitional, and patient-oriented development stages.

    Second, Dr. Nyoman Anita Damayanti, drg., MS delivered an oration on “The Power of Collaboration for Maximum Value of Public Health Programs”. She offered the concept of the importance of collaboration in implementing health programs and efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality in understanding the broad field of public health science.

    Third, Dr. Rini Devijanti Ridwan, drg., M.Kes delivered an oration “Oral Microbiology Before, Now, and Later.” Oral microbiology, also known as dental microbiology, is the science of diseases in the oral cavity, especially those caused by microorganisms. Prof. Rini said that oral conditions or dental microbiology were the initial discovery of microbes in the oral cavity.

    The basic form of oral microorganisms will be obtained through oral or dental microbiology.

    Lastly, Prof. Dr. Sutinah, Dra., MS delivered the oration “Capitalism and the Threat of Exploitation: Efforts to Fulfill the Rights and Protection of Outsourcing Workers in Indonesia.” According to her, in the era of increasingly competitive business competition, companies focus on their core business work. Meanwhile, other supporting work is delegated to other parties (outsourced, ed). It becomes the company’s strategy to increase profits and develop investment. (*)