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    UNAIR FEB students experience student exchange at Universiti Malaya

    Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) continues to give opportunities for its students to study abroad. One of the faculties, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) has sent 24 of its students to Universiti Malaya (UM) in a Part-Time Outbound Program 2023 with the UM Islamic Studies Academy.

    The 24 delegates are Salwa Tasya, Liha Ulima, Keyla Humaira, Nabilla Fika, Arving Lailatul Fajri, Alif Fahril Aziz, Nuria Latifah, Fitri Makrifatul, Ulfiana Nanda, Nabila Yona, Jesyca, Sintya Alfafa, Diana Clarisa, Nisaa Sadiya, Rafasya Syauqila, Zanuba Firstya, Keysha Mutiara Azzahara, Nisrina Amani Taufik, Afra Bahita Fridajaya, Syanaya Ramadhani Rahmana, Diva Azzahra Pratiwi, Soni Nuriyana Mayangkari, Dhiya Basith Fauzian and Yashafi Yan Arsala.

    Sintya Alfafa, FEB student and the person in charge, shared her experiences at UM. She and other delegates had the opportunity to deliver presentations in the presence of UM lecturers.

    “This essay is a selection stage from the faculty before leaving for UM. Later, the best essays can be presented at UM,” explained Fafa.

    Cultural Exchange

    The FEB student said that she not only had the opportunity to study in the neighboring country but also gained experience exchanging culture with local students at UM.

    “One of the most impressive series of activities was doing typical Malaysian batik crafts. This is a new experience and knowledge because so far, the only batik we know is Indonesian batik,” she said.

    The famous university in Malaysia has the Rimba Ilmu Botanic Garden. According to her, the delegates gained new knowledge about the flora and fauna in the Rimba Ilmu Botanic Garden, which is well-preserved at UM.

    “What an unforgettable experience at UM. We learn many things outside campus. The local students were especially welcoming to international students,” said Fafa.

    Learn Malaysian history

    Fafa also learned the local history of Malaysia. They visited the Museum of Asian Arts. Fafa was introduced to the rare museum collections there.

    One of them is a Thai elephant statue from the 14th-15th century AD, and there were also stone carvings, copper items, and Malay weaponry from ancient times. These historical objects are a message to students and local communities in Malaysia to love the country and the legacy of our ancestors.

    “We were also given information about Malay history before independence, and the long story, it is still connected to Indonesian history, which we have known for a long time,” said Fafa.

    Fafa expressed her gratitude to FEB UNAIR for supporting and assisting the program. “Hopefully, FEB UNAIR can expand its collaboration network with other well-known universities in Asia in the future so that students’ knowledge and insight will also increase,” she hoped.