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    French Embassy opens opportunities for collaboration with UNAIR

    Universitas Airlangga is collaborating with the French Embassy in Indonesia. On Wednesday, January 24, 2024, a meeting was convened at the Plenary Hall, Balairua, MERR-C Campus, to discuss plans for educational cooperation with French universities and industries.

    Antoine Bricout, Attaché for University and Education of the French Embassy in Indonesia, and Sandra Vivier, Director of the Institut Français D’indonésie (IFI) Surabaya, were among the guests. Prof. Muhammad Miftahussurur, Vice Rector for Internationalization, Digitalization, and Information, and Prof. Dr. Bambang Sektiari Lukiswanto, Vice Rector for Academic, Student Affairs, and Alumni, both represented UNAIR at the forum.

    Prof Bambang explained that UNAIR has currently partnered with 13 universities in France. UNAIR engages in various agreements, such as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), and Letter of Agreement (LA). Each agreement discusses various aspects, ranging from scholarship opportunities to study and campus fair expos.

    Prof Miftah explained the comprehensive collaboration planning involving faculties and institutions, including the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Advanced Technology and Multidiscipline, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Vocational Studies, Universitas Airlangga Hospital, and the Airlangga Global Engagement. The focus covers research collaboration, joint publication, staff and student mobility programs, guest lectures, IISMA preparation programs, and LPDP scholarships.

    “We would like to solidify our collaborative plans with Sciences Po, Kedge Business School, Université de Caen, and Universite Paris Cité. We hope these plans will include the establishment of a joint Indonesia-France working group for 2024,” he said.

    Bricout welcomed this collaborative endeavor as a strategic chance to deepen Indonesia’s long-standing connection with France. He also mentioned internship opportunities at hospitals, particularly at the Faculty of Medicine, which provide competitive salaries and promising career prospects.

    He also encouraged other UNAIR faculties to connect with French universities. These prospects require not only competence in their disciplines but also mastery of the French language. “Language is extremely important,” he emphasized.