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    TPU to Train Specialists in Industrial Safety Systems

    The Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) School of Computer Science and Robotics is launching a new Master’s Degree program in Industrial Safety Systems. Students of this educational program will study the basic principles of software, dataware and hardware of industrial safety systems and will learn how to design and operate these systems as well.

    The educational program will be available in Russian and it starts in autumn 2021. In total, 30 state-funded and two self-funded places are provided for this program and an allied Internet of Things and Digital Manufacturing educational program.

    “Widespread automation of technological and manufacturing processes, which allows for a substantial increase in labor efficiency and product quality, is taking place globally. Modern technological processes entail high hazard rates and set specific operation requirements,” Vasiliy Kurganov, Associate Professor of the TPU Division for Automation and Robotics, a supervisor of the educational program, says.

    “Technically, these problems can be solved by implementing emergency shutdown systems which are essential to industrial safety systems.”

    The students of this program will be able to study the basic principles of industrial safety, functional safety and information security of automated systems and learn to design emergency shutdown systems. Special attention in the educational module is paid to the methods of software, dataware and hardware design in emergency shutdown systems and their integration with legacy control systems.

    “Nowadays, industrial safety systems are widespread in modern manufacturing, for instance, there are dozens of them at Tomskneftehim. To get to know how these systems operate, to understand their role in control systems, to be able to create new protection algorithms means to be a sought-after specialist,” Vasiliy Kurganov assures.

    The training will be held in Siemens and Schneider Electric laboratory of Automation of Technological Processes, as well as in the classrooms equipped by Information Satellite Systems and Prosoft companies.

    “The graduates of the program will be highly sought-after professionals in industrial safety. One of their competences will be the design of industrial control systems, including industrial safety systems and their operation. By their graduation, they will have become experts, obtaining knowledge and skills in industrial safety systems design, hardware to equip those systems, including safety-enhancing methods,” Vasiliy Kurganov explains.