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    TPU Postgraduate Student Defends Doctoral Thesis on Electrical Insulation in France

    Veronika Gavrilenko, a postgraduate student of TPU and Paris-Saclay University (Université Paris-Saclay) has successfully defended her PhD thesis on-resistance of insulation materials to electrical loads arising from the use of SiC-based new generation semiconductors. The thesis defense was arranged by Paris-Saclay University and held via video conferencing.

    The PhD thesis “Characterization of Winding Insulation of Electrical Machines Fed by Voltage Waves with High dV/dt” is devoted to studying partial discharges and the related mechanisms of insulation aging and destruction when exposed to pulse voltage with nanosecond high-frequency impulse fronts inherent to modern semiconductor equipment.

    To develop a methodology for measuring the resistance of electrical insulation materials, the researchers designed and assembled a high-frequency test machine. The research was conducted under the Agreement on International Joint Scientific Supervision between Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia) and Paris-Saclay University (France). Professor Stéphane Lefebvre from Paris-Saclay University and Associate Professor of TPU School of Energy and Power Engineering Andrey Leonov led the research supervision.

    The Dissertation Advisory Committee included Russian and French scientists and experts: Professor of Artois University (Université d’Artois) Daniel Roger, Professor of Paul Sabatier University (Université Paul Sabatier) Gilbert Teyssedre, Professor of Industrial Machinery Design Department at Novosibirsk State Technical University Oleg Nos and Head of the Department of Television and Control at Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics Talgat Gazizov. The Chair of the Dissertation Advisory Committee was Professor of CentraleSupélec Emmanuel Odic.

    “A doctoral degree is a launching pad for an academic career and obtaining such a diploma means recognition in an international academic community.

    Writing a doctoral thesis under international co-supervision helps acquire experience of working in scientific and research laboratories and teaching both in Russia and abroad, ability to arrange teamwork and present your research work through conferences and scientific publications. Writing a doctoral thesis is a constant development and self-improvement, critical thinking, and searching for outside-the-box solutions. What is more, the role of research supervisors and colleagues is very important for successful implementation of the first extensive research project,” Veronika Gavrilenko says.

    Veronika Gavrilenko plans to continue her scientific and educational work, as well as to develop further cooperation between TPU and leading French universities.

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