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    TPU postgraduate student studies spectral characteristics of molecules

    Aleksey Kuznetsov, a postgraduate student of the TPU School of Nuclear Science and Engineering and University Burgundy Franche-Comté (France) is conducting fundamental research on spectral characteristics of molecules.

    The research findings will be included in the HITRAN molecular spectroscopic database and will help to solve problems of physical and chemical research of planetary atmospheres of the Solar System.

    The research work of Aleksey Kuznetsov “Theoretical Research of Spherical Top Spectra Based on Irreducible Tensor Operators” is fundamental research. Professors Olga Gromova from Tomsk Polytechnic University, Claude Leroy and Vincent Boudon from University Burgundy Franche-Comté are leading the research supervision.

    Nowadays, high-resolution vibration-rotational spectra give the most complete and reliable information on the nature of intramolecular interactions, states and fundamental properties of molecules.

    The development of modern technology of spectroscopy helps to obtain high-accuracy data on parameters of spectral lines and research fine- and hyperfine-structure effects in molecules. These data allow studying the processes and problems interesting for planetary science, astrophysics and atmospheric optics.

    “One of the current problems of molecular spectroscopy is the research of vibration-rotational lines and obtaining molecular parameters. From the applied point of view, it is important for obtaining quantitative characteristics of molecule medium: temperature, pressure, concentration and others,” Aleksey Kuznetsov explains.

    To study the processes occurring in molecules and their ambient, Aleksey Kuznetsov is researching spectral characteristics and molecular parameters, such as line positions, intensity and half-width. The result will be obtaining physical information on high-resolution spectra of spherical symmetry molecules.

    In 2020, Aleksey’s research work “Research on High-Resolution Spectra GeH4 and SiH4: Energy Structure, Intensities and Half-Widths of Vibration-Rotational Lines” was supported by the grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. The project is devoted to quantum-mechanical research of molecules with tetrahedral symmetry: SiH4 and GeH4.

    “We are planning to conduct a global analysis of vibration-rotational spectra of GeH4, SiH4, SiD4 and their isotopes. We emphasize our research on studying intensities and half-widths of spectral lines as this information is noteworthy to solve numerous tasks of research the atmosphere of Earth, physical and chemical research of planetary atmospheres of the Solar System and exoplanets, the Interstellar medium and other fields of science,”  the TPU scientist says.

    The research findings will be sent to the HITRAN molecular spectroscopic database and allow in the long run conducting astrophysical research.