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    SUSU Scientists Create New Material for Environment Protection

    The world’s leading scientists are working on solving environmental problems. One of the scientific projects implemented at South Ural State University is the creation of new materials for water and air treatment in the industry.

    The project on Mesoporous Materials Synthesis based on Transition Metals is headed by Dmitry Zherebtsov, Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Material Science and Physical-and-Chemical Properties of Materials. The author of the project, Dmitry Tolstoguzov, SUSU Master’s Degree student, describes the new material advantages and its application.

    “Our project aims at obtaining new catalysts and sorbents. These materials may be widely used in various industrial installations or emissions treatment plants. Today the ecological problem is among the global-scale ones, and sorbents, which have a capacity to absorb hazardous substances from the environment, may be used in this field. We’re dealing with the processes of obtaining catalysts and sorbents from transition metals: iron, nickel, and copper, which are widely used today.”

    With their small-sized pores mesoporous materials may be used as a “sieve” trapping hazardous substances and preventing them from entering the environment.

    “We’re working with metals, using the electrochemical method. Previously this work was done by using various oxide compounds. Platinum was the only used metal. But we’ve selected more available materials.”

    In the nearest future scientists are planning to find the most appropriate way of creating mesoporous materials, as well as to analyze the properties of the obtained substance. This will make it possible to determine the efficiency of its implementation for environment in the industry.

    Latest Posts

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