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    Teachers of National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» presented innovative research at the NATO conference in Morocco

    Associate professors Natalia Shyryaeva and Iryna Sitak of the management department of NTU «KhPI» demonstrated their experience as keynote speakers at the NATO conference «Scientific developments for peace and security» which was held in Agadir (Morocco). The conference was focused on modern technologies that promote innovative methods of the sea environment monitoring and critical sea infrastructure strengthening. The event, which brought together scientists and engineers involved in sea critical infrastructure from more than 12 NATO countries and partner countries, became a platform for knowledge exchange and cooperation.

    During the conference, associate professors of the management department of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Economics, Management and International Business of NTU «KhPI» presented reports on the topic «Navigation in the conditions of crisis and recovery: the transformational role of sea infrastructure in the Ukrainian economy». Their content sheds light on the key role of sea infrastructure in the Ukrainian economy, especially during the crisis and recovery stages. Associate professor of Kharkiv Polytechnic Iryna Sitak delved into the impact of sea infrastructure before and during the full-scale invasion in February 2022, emphasizing the strategic importance of Ukrainian seaports for exporting goods, in particular grain. She emphasized the negative consequences of export routes blocking, including reduced profitability for domestic agricultural producers and potential food deficits in regions that are dependent on Ukrainian exports.

    In her presentation titled «Reconstructing Ukraine’s Economy: using sea infrastructure for sustainability and growth», associate professor of NTU «KhPI» Natalia Shiryaeva emphasized the potential of sea infrastructure for Ukraine’s economic revival in the coming years. She emphasized the importance of international cooperation with organizations and neighboring countries to promote the development of sea infrastructure and its integration into broader economic recovery strategies. This integration, in her point of view, will significantly contribute to the country’s economic recovery, which will promote its prosperity in the future.

    The key conclusion for all participants was to get acquainted with advanced technologies for building systems for strengthening, protecting and monitoring aimed at protecting critical of sea infrastructure. Also of interest was a visit to the Agadir port, where the participants were shown training centers equipped with modern technologies where future professionals are trained. This research can inspire future efforts for protecting critical sea infrastructure using advanced construction materials and electronic systems, as well as innovative technologies, including unmanned aerial vehicles. The event was organized with the support of NATO.


    Event organizers: University of Sannio (Italy),Universiapolis Université Internationale d’Agadir (Morocco), École Polytechnique d’Agadir (Morocco).

    For more detailed information about the event, please follow the links: https://www.atcnato-universiapolis.com/event-programme, https://universiapolis.ma/universiapolis-organise-nato-advanced-training-course/.