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    Kyiv Polytechnic students win silver, bronze awards at International Festival of Engineering Science and Technology in Tunisia

    The International Festival of Engineering Science and Technology, I-FEST² 2024, took place in Mahdia, Tunisia, on March 22-28. This year the event featured more than 500 scientific and engineering projects hailing from nearly 40 countries, competing across eight categories.

    Notably, Anhelina Dromova, a student at the Faculty of Radio Engineering of Ukraine’s Igor Sikorksy Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI), won a silver award for her research on satellite television signals and ways of improving the quality of the received signal. Danyil Dorosh, student at the KPI Institute of Physics and Technology, received a bronze award.

    I-FEST² is a nine-day festival organized by ATAST, the Tunisian Association for the future of Science and Technology, open to all students between the ages of 14 and 24.

    It is worth noting too that Anastasiia Kurulenko, a student at the KPI Polytechnic Lyceum, earned a bronze award at last year’s I-FEST². Kurulenko’s scientific project is a program developed to identify risk groups for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Specifically, the software system is based on 10 most important cardiovascular risk factors. Patients undergoing testing are divided into high, medium, and low risk groups. The user who conducts the survey gets the pie chart automatically generated by the Kurulenko’s program, which shows the percentage of people in three risk groups.

    For the KPI, knowledge epitomizes power. It is the university of innovative ideas and promising projects. KPI students’ achievements continue to infuse zest and optimism in spite of Russia’s heinous aggression against Ukraine.