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    Samara Polytech developments will increase efficiency to deal with noise and vibration

    Inventions will improve the functioning and service life of equipment of industrial enterprises, power plants, urban environment and living conditions of the population.

    Damping devices developed by a team of scientists from the Samara Polytech will reduce the vibration of the pipeline and increase the reliability of the operation of the pipeline system.

    The team of a scientific school led by the head of the department of Chemical Technology and Industrial Ecology of the Samara Polytech, Professor Andrei Vasiliev created mathematical models for calculating the propagation of noise in the environment and in gas-water systems of power plants. On their basis, special software products have been developed that, among other things, can detect the source and cause of vibration, power plants and attached mechanical systems, significantly simplify the procedure for calculating the propagation of a pulsating gas flow and acoustic radiation in complex gas-water systems. The results of recent studies are presented at many international conferences and published in several scientific journals such as Ecology and Industry of Russia (https://www.journalakustika.com/journal/volume-34/), «Akustika» etc.

    – Mechanical noise and vibration in power plants can lead to the destruction of parts, assemblies and connections, violation of the tightness of seals, which can also lead to emergencies, ”explains the head of the Department of Chemical Technology and Industrial Ecology of the Samara Polytechnic, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Andrey Vasiliev. – In addition, noise and vibration in the workplace reduce staff attention, productivity and quality of work, and the health of workers is deteriorating. A number of our proven developments are aimed at solving these problems.

    Thus, a universal vibration-isolating support with adjustable parameters of vibration damping allows you to change the degree of damping (vibration damping), the maximum working load and static deformation of the support. When unscrewing the nut, the working surface of the damper changes.Experimental tests of a prototype showed a decrease in vibration of 10 dB or more.

    The advantages of the elastic damping support are low sensitivity to changes in ambient temperature, ease of manufacture, unpretentiousness in operation, high efficiency and good adaptability. Vibration mount includes outer and inner clips. One clip is connected to a vibrating object, and the other to a fixed base. The elastic element connecting the clips is made in the form of a corrugated plate or several plates bent into a ring and placed in the cavity between the clips. The cavity is filled with a viscous working fluid, such as mineral oil, and is sealed at the ends with O-rings. With the help of this device, damping of the broadband spatial vibration of various machines and equipment is achieved.

    The active vibration isolating support for vibration compensation has a structure in which the active element actuator is connected in parallel (via a hydraulic damper) with the spring of the passive section of the vibration control system. With such a support structure, a substantial reduction in the occupied space can be obtained. If you make the actuator of the active part transmitting only dynamic forces, while the average load will be transmitted by the spring of the passive part, it is possible to reduce the input energy required for the operation of parallel vibration compensation systems. The proposed design of an active vibration isolating support can be used to reduce the vibration of automotive internal combustion engines.

    In addition, scientists have developed a system of continuous monitoring of acoustic impact, which allows to perform a quarter-second slice of data of one-third octave noise spectra and record various acoustic characteristics: spectral, equivalent and maximum values of sound level in dBA, sound pressure levels, sound intensity, etc.The measurements were carried out on the basis of both Russian and European methods using this system, it is possible to recognize various types of events and establish the dependence of noise data with other collected parameters, such as the flux density of motorways, railways, industrial enterprises and construction sites.

    A feature of the proposed system is the provision of automated round-the-clock registration of data from the results of measurements of noise levels and other relevant environmental parameters; the ability to carry out measurements in the field in the absence of an operator.

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    Samara Polytech is a Flagship university, a powerful research and educational center and a leader in the preparation of elite engineering personnel. Scientists guide research and development in almost all strategic sectors: Petrochemistry, Oil and Gas Production and Processing, Energy, Information, Pharmaceutical and Food Technologies, Construction and Architecture. In addition, the university actively participates in the State Armament Program, in solving strategic problems of the region and implementing significant projects of federal significance. University graduates are famous Russian scientists, government officials, leaders of leading companies.

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