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    QS in Conversation 2018: University Rankings and International Migrant Scholars

    The international mobility of scholars is having an impact not just on universities, but also on the knowledge economy and labour market of receiving and sending countries. Beyond that Lord Howell of Guilford, Chairman of the House of Lords International Relations Committee, has suggested that universities are part of a nation’s “soft-power deployments” and represent its “intellectual and creative firepower” which can be used to “open minds and close down old hatreds”, adding a geopolitical dimension to the impact of international higher education.

    Equality in education is another concern with regards to international migrant scholars, but also more broadly in terms of gender equality. Prof Elaine Unterhalter from the UCL Institute of Education touches on the complexity of equality and the need to “build the connections for equality between education and other economic, political and social sectors, and to open up for scrutiny the question of who generates, discusses and uses [equality] data, and how local processes, which inform policy and hold decision makers to account”.

    Therefore, to address the concerns, QS and Effat University of Saudi Arabia are organizing an international seminar on the topic of “University Rankings and International Migrant Scholars” in London from 7-9 February 2018.

    QS in Conversation will also feature speakers and debaters from around the world, who will be discussing on the following sub-themes:

    (1) Higher Education Internationalization in the Context of University Rankings

    (2) Internationalization and Ranking: The Perspective of University Students and Professors

    (3) University Rankings: Impact and Motivations of International Migrant Scholars

    There will also be two debates with the motions:

    (i) “University Rankings are Driving University Internationalization Forward”

    (ii) “Governments should reduce the international outflow of scholars”

    Note: Lord Howell is a keynote speaker at QS in Conversation

             Prof Unterhalter is also one of the prominent speakers at QS in Conversation

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