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    PNU offers a Master’s Degree (Advanced Nursing Practice)

    Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, represented by the Faculty of Nursing, now offers a Master degree in Advanced Nursing Sciences, which is one of the graduate studies programs that keeps pace with the world’s new tendency requirements of: sustainable development, quality standards and academic accreditation. It is also considered one of the most required majors around the world in order to promote the quality of health care. This program has also been offered through a collaboration with Dublin City University (DCU), based in Ireland.

    The Program aims to enhance the role of the advanced nursing practice in addition to principles of the clinical leadership and excellence. It also encourages the participants of the program to contribute in the development of professional, educational and research practice.

    The postgraduate degree is designed to accommodate 70 students per batch. It seeks to qualify bachelor degree holders in nursing to obtain a master’s degree with a study plan that includes 12 scientific subjects divided into four semesters; 3 subjects per semester. The program covers:

    • theoretical and practical studies
    • a research thesis at the last semester
    • clinical hours
    • field training of 500 hours distributed equally over the last two semesters.

    In addition to the degree, the student will be able to obtain clinical experience in providing comprehensive care to the patient, which gives them the ability to diagnose the patients, develop the treatment plan and make the medical decisions, such as admission and other cases based on advanced experience. The nursing program can also establish a great connections with patients, promote health care and follow up chronic and critical cases.

    The College was keen to choose the most advanced hospitals in Saudi Arabia for field training, supervised by the university staff. The College also provides post-graduate students with scientific environment that is suitable for research and encourages them to practice nursing skills at a high level of knowledge, research -based practice.