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    Ajman University Partners with Coursera to Sponsor 150 Students, Alumni to Enhance their Employability

    In a strategic initiative aimed at bridging the gap between academia and the evolving demands of the global job market, Ajman University is proud to announce its partnership with Coursera, a world leader in online learning. This venture will provide both current students and alumni of Ajman University with access to a suite of professional certificate programs, underscoring the university’s commitment to lifelong learning and employability.

    These programs are designed to cover the most sought-after skills in the modern workforce. They include offerings from tech giants and industry leaders, ensuring that participants gain the most current and impactful credentials. Among these are the Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate, AWS Cloud Technology Consultant Professional Certificate, and Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. Students and alumni can also delve into the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate, IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, and the Salesforce Sales Development Representative Professional Certificate.

    Ajman University\’s initiative is to sponsor 150 students and alumni, granting them this exclusive opportunity to enhance their skills and employability at no cost. The certificate programs vary in duration and are flexible to accommodate the diverse schedules of students and alumni, reflecting Ajman University’s understanding of individual learning paces and professional commitments.

    Upon the successful completion of these programs, learners will receive certificates endorsed by both the issuing companies and Ajman University, showcasing their developed expertise to future employers.

    Dr. Karim Seghir, Chancellor of Ajman University, expressed his enthusiasm for this inclusive initiative, stating, \”At Ajman University, we are committed to not only shaping the future of our alumni but also preparing our current students for success in the job market. This initiative aligns with our dedication to providing lifelong learning opportunities and empowering our graduates with the skills needed to thrive in today\’s competitive landscape.\”

    Dr. Khaled Assaleh, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, encourages all eligible students and alumni to seize this exceptional opportunity. He emphasizes the potential for furthering education, advancing careers, and staying ahead in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

    Through this partnership, Ajman University reinforces its legacy of academic excellence, adapting to the global employment landscape and equipping its students and alumni with the essential tools for success.