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    London Academy of Trading launches new Easter Trading Camp for young students

    The London Academy of Trading (LAT) has today announced the launch of a new Easter Trading Camp for secondary schools and 6th form college students.

    This one week course will offer valuable insights into the world of financial markets and the trading industry. The programme will provide students aged 16 to 18 with a broad understanding of financial markets, covering key topics such as fundamental and technical analysis, psychology and risk management.

    The course will run from 8 April to 12 April 2019 at the LAT campus in Central London, and will include a combination of theoretical and practical sessions. With information about stocks, currencies and markets featured in the media every day, LAT is looking to help young students develop useful knowledge of the world of financial markets trading.

    LAT tutors will share their expertise to enhance students’ understanding, and all attendees will receive guidance throughout the course during academic and practical sessions. Learners will also have access to the LAT trading floor to gain hands-on experience, trading a range of financial assets on a real-time trading platform.

    Dessy Ohanians, CEO at LAT, commented: “We are looking forward to welcoming young students to this new course, which was designed specifically for them. The Easter Trading Camp gives them a great opportunity to learn something outside their typical school curriculum.

    “We believe that the new course will provide a stimulating experience for younger people. Learning about trading and financial markets is becoming increasingly important for professionals at all levels, and to acquire this specific knowledge at an early age should be helpful in their future studies and career.”

    Students wishing to join the course do not need any prior financial markets experience and will be given further support should they be interested in a trading career.

    About London Academy of Trading

    The London Academy of Trading (LAT) is a dual-accredited provider of financial trading education, having been awarded British Accreditation Council (BAC) accreditation in September 2017.

    LAT courses are designed to help individuals improve their understanding of financial market trading, with a view to career development or to supplement their existing income through trading.

    All students can access trading mentors for ten hours every day to receive advice and guidance, helping them develop robust and structured trading strategies that combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills.