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    Lingnan’s postgrad programmes turn the world into your classroom

    Lingnan University’s prospectus boasts a wide range of high-quality postgraduate programmes. Among the latest additions to that list are MScs in Health Analytics and Operations Management, and in Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics, as well as MAs in China Regional Studies, in Creative and Media Industries, and in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

    One thing all Lingnan’s programmes have in common is the emphasis they place on experiential learning. This process of doing and reflecting cannot only accelerate the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but it can also boost students’ future career development.

    The value of experiential learning

    Though much can be learned from textbooks, journals and lectures, some concepts can be difficult to grasp without direct, hands-on experience. When knowledge is applied to real-world situations, the insights students gain from seeing the results can take their understanding to whole new levels.

    Experiential learning at Lingnan also offers a valuable opportunity to ease the transition from student to the practitioner in the world of work. In tandem with their degree programme’s formal curriculum, such structured experiences can enhance not only the students’ professional but also their personal growth. This can help prepare them for the challenges of the 21st-century employment landscape, in which adaptability will surely be key.

    In the evermore technology-driven economies and societies, soft skills are certain to be increasingly valued. Already, communication, teamwork and leadership skills are in high demand among employers, and applying what’s been learned to workplace-type situations can only help strengthen these.

    The Lingnan approach

    The university is proud to offer a whole-person Liberal Arts education, which seeks to support the development, through a process of learning by communication and reflection, of well-rounded individuals. Given the belief that learning from mistakes is just as valid as getting it right the first time, students are guaranteed real-time mentoring and feedback from their professors.

    Lingnan, whose motto is “Education for Service”, has received acclaim for its international approach to teaching and learning, its quality education and research, and its commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This has led to the university being ranked second worldwide for ‘Quality Education’ in the THE University Impact Rankings 2020, and the recent award of five stars in the QS Stars programme.

    Lingnan offers Taught Postgraduate Programme students many opportunities for international internships and other cross-cultural interactions and exchanges to promote a global perspective. The students also have numerous opportunities to take part in international symposiums and seminars. These events not only enable them to keep up with new trends in their field of study but also allow them to listen to, and meet speakers, as well as potential future colleagues and friends, from around the globe.

    In 2020, Lingnan hosted numerous well-received conferences, including The Conference for Higher Education Research (CHER) 2020, The Global Higher Education Webinar Series, and the Cities and Governance Seminar Series. All featured distinguished speakers and scholars from renowned international universities.

    Please click here for details of TPG programmes.

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