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    Thammasat wins “Friendly Design Awards”: An Outstanding Organisation Promoting Equality for All

    For the 4th consecutive years, Thammasat University has won the “Friendly Design Awards 2022” and has been appointed as the “Tourism for All” organization of the year from the from the 5th Thailand Friendly Design Expo, 2022. This award honors Thammasat University as an outstanding organization in promoting and leading the implementation of universal design for everyone, especially the disabilities, to have equally and convenient access to all facilities and services.
    Sustainable development has always been one of the key focus of Thammasat University, as a university for people.

    Thammasat University provides opportunities for all groups of people to have equally access to education. One of them is to provide special scheme to students with disabilities in the admission process. The 1% ratio is set for each faculty for students with disabilities, which is in line with the worldwide mean of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) Goal 10 on reducing inequality within and among countries.

    In addition to providing equal access to education and academic services for all, Thammasat University continues to improve its disability support services, access schemes, facilities and buildings as well as implementing universal design to facilitate and unlock the restrictions of students with disabilities which will be more conducive to learning.

    From nearly 100 buildings locating around Rangsit Campus, every building consists of wheelchair ramps, elevators, toilets, and parking spaces for students with disabilities. All roads and intersections within the university are equipped with warning signs and signals for deaf and blind students. We are proudly to say that Thammasat is the first higher educational institution in Thailand to fully put these systems in place.

    For student dormitory, sport facilities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, and artificial cliffs, Thammasat University has designed these facilities to be accessible for all students with disabilities, complying with international standards. Similarly, all electric buses are with ramps, and all pavements are being renovated with guiding block especially for visually impaired students.

    Infrastructure and buildings that facilitate the students with disabilities do have a direct effect on student’s performance. Today, Thammasat has a total of 75 students with disabilities. With the development and renovation of the facilities, the average academic performance of students with disabilities continues to improve, with 80% of students with disabilities graduating are employed.

    URL’s article: https://tu.ac.th/en/thammasat-150265-friendly-design-awards-2022

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