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    “Kittiyakarn” Building of Justice, a New Landmark for the People at Thammasat University

    Thammsat University has completed a restoration of the “Kittiyakarn” building of Justice, a new landmark in the center of Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus.

    The ceaseless growth of Bangkok is full of hope for the seeker. However, it becomes a problem for city dwellers. Instead of the ideal city, Bangkok has become a crowded place.

    In the past, many academics, developers, and environmentalists have come out to dissuade government policy. They agreed that it was time to “slow down” or “stop” Bangkok’s growth and allow “expanding cities” or suburban areas to grow. However, it is not easy but it is not impossible, especially for the upper area of Bangkok where infrastructures and transportation are advanced.

    The area is also home to a leading educational institution such as Thammasat University, Rangsit campus, which has abundant resources like knowledge, academics, and extensive area.

    “We believe that we have enough potential to support large events for the upper central area, including Pathum Thani, Ayutthaya, and Saraburi. It would ease the congestion in inner Bangkok.”, asserted Assoc.Prof.Gasinee Witoonchart, Rector of Thammasat University.

    Large events refer to organizing a convention, an exhibition, concert, and national event equivalent to the event scale organized by Muang Thong Thani. A critical point that made Thammasat have the potential to support the northern central area is the restoration of the “Kittiyakarn” building. The building is named by Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati.

    This building is built because of 2 main concepts, “sustainability” and “justice”, which are inseparable. According to Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati, “How can we achieve our sustainability goals if inequality continues to create conflict in the society. A large group of the population is still denied access to justice”.

    The building contains a large auditorium with a capacity of 3,500 seats, medium size conference room, small seminar room, and connected with “Puey Park for the People” that includes a large courtyard, Concert Hall, Public Library, Co-working Space, and Urban Farming Area.

    In addition to the variety of functions, the most vital part of this building is a permanent exhibition “Thammaprapa”. The content is about the work of justice, including assisting accused criminals to access to rule of law, improving former women prisoner’s quality of life, and encouraging projects for underprivileged people. All of which will help inspire the people who come to visit the building.

    “I would like to reflect that working to help underprivileged people or people who made mistakes can start from us as a giver or the helper to encourage others”, as stated in the 8th anniversary of working to assist and reduce numbers of female inmates.

    Moreover, if we look back to 2011 during the flood crisis, Kittiyakarn was still a gymnasium building and acted as a “temporary shelter” to help more than 1,500 suffering victims.

    “Therefore, Kittiyakarn is full of connection with the people. The building is full of inspiration for justice according to the work of Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati.”, said Assoc.Prof.Gasinee.

    Assoc.Prof.Gasinee also asserts that Thammasat aims to be a part of area development.

    “We intend to build a smart city in Pathum Thani – Navanakorn as a model of Thailand. On the other hand, we are willing to use our area to alleviate Bangkok’s problem and serve society as a true university for the people.”